Monday, 4 March 2013

Months that Anglo American (AAL.L) commonly sees an increase in its share price

The purpose of this test is simply to see which month's in the year typically see an increase in the share price against the previous month for Anglo American (AAL.L).

This test has been conducted using 10 years worth of share price history for AAL.L. The calculation has been based on the closing prices of each month, for example if January closed at a share price of 2664 and February closed at a price of 2700 then this will be considered as an increase in the share price in the month of February.

The y-axis in the chart below illustrates the number of years a particular month has seen an increase in the share price for Anglo American.

Number of Years Anglo American has seen an Increase in each month

The chart demonstrates that February has seen the most increase in the share price for Anglo American, as it has seen an increase in 8 out of the 10 years. Additionally the chart demonstrates that the second half of the years tends to have a higher likeliness to increase than the first half of the year.

The test illustrates that Anglo American tends to start with decreasing months and moves towards months that see the share price increase towards the end of the year. This is merely a simple test and therefore other factors may need to be considered on various areas, for instance the fundamentals may need to be examined to determine why February has the highest amount of increases in share price considering that it fall in the part of the year where Anglo American commonly has its decreasing months.

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